Friday, April 25, 2014

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Diploma in Adult Education Program (ADED) Suspended

The Diploma in Adult Education Program will be closed April 1st, 2014. Unfortunately, continued low enrollment has necessitated that the program be suspended, followed by a program review.

As a result of this program suspension:

  • Effective December 1st, we are no longer accepting new applicants in the Diploma in Adult Education Program.
  • All current ADED students will have until March 30th, 2014 to sign up and complete the remainder of their ADED course requirements.


  1. To register for a course, call the School of Instructor Education (SIE) at 604-871-7000, ext. 7488 or 7499. It’s quick and efficient to register in this way.
  2. When you have registered, you will receive by email:
    • Confirming message with details of how to proceed,
    • ADED participant handbook that includes the course descriptions and the self-directed course assignments,
    • Information on how to log into Moodle, where course-related information is kept and is available for you,
    • A Learning Plan template.
  3. You will have up to eight weeks to complete a course.
  4. The first step will be to complete the learning plan and send it to the Program Advisor, who will follow up with you.
  5. There will be a check-in with the instructor at the four-week mark if the course assignments have not yet been submitted. This is a supportive check-in to see how everything is going. If you need any clarification or to get some advice, you can contact the advisor at any time.
  6. Your assignments will be submitted electronically, usually by email attachment. The assignments will come as one package, all at the same time.
  7. Grades will be returned within eight (8) weeks of submission.

The courses in the Adult Education Diploma are:

ADED 3301: Reflective Practice
ADED 3302: Developmental Psychology
ADED 3303: Technology in Education
ADED 3304: Educational Leadership
ADED 3306: Cooperative Learning
ADED 3401: Interactive Teaching and Learning
ADED 3403: Learning and the Brain

You will need to successfully complete all seven courses to receive the credential.