Monday, December 22, 2014

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School of Instructor Education

Employment Criteria for Instructional Positions

BC Provincial Instructor Diploma
Certificate in Online/eLearning

Instructional positions require experienced, well trained faculty. When applying for a position, please provide the following in the submission of your qualifications and experience.

  1. Documentation of education: include a copy of your Master’s Degree or its equivalent.
  2. Documentation of completion of the Provincial Instructor Diploma or its equivalent.
  3. Seven to ten years instructional experience. Document the location, subject matters taught, frequency and duration of experience.
  4. Letters of reference. Provide three letters of reference from employers or supervisors that provide support for your application to teach in the Instructor Diploma Program.
  5. Instructional supervisory experience is an asset. Document the position you held as a department head, coordinator of instruction or any other role in which you were responsible for leading an instructional cadre.
  6. Identify the particular course or courses that you feel qualified to teach. Provide evidence of your experience that qualifies you to instruct a course. If you have taught a comparable course elsewhere, please identify the content, where it was taught and other relevant details.
  7. Provide a one page summation of the reasons which you feel qualify you to assume an instructional position in the Provincial Instructor Diploma or the Certificate in Online/eLearning.
  8. Document your membership in professional societies and organizations with particular reference to those concerned with education.

Please note that all employment is part-time, and instructors are hired on a course by course basis. If accepted for consideration, applicants will undergo a period of training which will include auditing courses on their own time as well as working with one or more core faculty on an on-going basis until the department is confident that the individual is able to work independently. Applicants are normally considered to instruct only one course at a time.